WordPress Management

Orionium’s WP Management plans provide unlimited expert WordPress support, optimization, maintenance, and advice. Submit an unlimited number of tasks 24/7 up to one hour of tasks per day.

We maintain your WordPress website by updating WP Core & Plugins, perform both front-end and server-side security scans, and optimize your WordPress installation.

Orionium will optimize your website including optimizing all of your images when you enroll in our WP Management plan plus we will automatically optimize new images that are added to your website. We will also prepare your website for use with a CDN such as Cloudflare.

Woo commerce is supported with our WP Management service at no additional cost.

Our WP Management services are included free of charge to our Managed Servers and WP Hosting customers. WP Management is available as a stand alone service for $100 per month with a $100 setup fee per website.

Additional management services are available as an add-on. If you have a specific need please contact us.